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This website Health & Personal Care is about how to improve health & wellbeing for people in today’s busy and fast paced society. Wellbeing is not just the absence of disease or illness. Wellbeing is a complex combination of persons, physical, mental, emotional social and health factors.

This website is aimed at assisting you through a holistic approach to achieve and maintain optimum health and wellbeing through providing superior advice and products which are the keys to make sustainable lifestyle changes to a longer healthier life. It covers the latest wellbeing advice on healthy diets, fitness training, relaxation and personal care products to help you live a healthy life.

Whether your preference of information delivery is in Book format – hard cover, Audible audio Edition, Audio CD, kindle edition, paperback, DVDs, Apps & Games or Android App we have them all.

Learn the secrets to successful dieting and living a healthy life: Boosting energy with super foods, nutritional supplements and healthy recipes Boosting immunity with supplements, natural and organic eco-friendly products Increased physical and mental performance, boosting happiness with exercise, meditation & relaxation Improving digestive issues like bloating, gas and constipation with the right nutrition, supplement aids and stress relieving measures Managing stress, improving sleep, concentration and memory with stress relieving techniques, nutrition, appropriate exercise and supplements Balancing hormones with exercise and complementary medicines Maintaining healthy hair and skin, hair and skin products, natural health and skin care and the latest trends Integrated health for pain relief, natural topical pain relievers, complementary medications, massage oils, electric massages.

Diets & Cooking Books & DVDs

Find Your Special Nutritional Diet for Weight Loss, Health or Medical Condition, Allergy, Pregnancy, Children All with Great Tasting Recipes.

A healthy Body Mass Index being in a healthy weight for your height can help improve health conditions like Osteoarthritis and Diabetes; it can help lower high blood pressure, reduce the risk of some cancers and generally improve health and vitality.

Good nutrition plays an important role in improving our health.

Many individual require specific diets for their health conditions see the Diets & cooking section/ page for specific diets; Paleo, Diabetes,Allergy, fertility, pregnancy, children, high protein, low carb slow cooker, anti-inflammatory, weight loss, gluten free, vegetarian and Mediterranean.

Food & Nutrition Eco-Friendly Cooking Books & Appliances

Find Out About Super Foods Supplements, Vitamins & Weight Loss, Cooking with Eco-Friendly Foods & Time Saving Kitchen Appliance

Parents, you want to start feeding your baby right from the start for brain, eyesight and muscle development and a healthy immune system. From babies to adults we all need to start with fresh water with contaminates removed and the best way is to have water purifiers, either basic jug to fridge or under sink models to be eco-friendly and not using disposable plastic bottles.

We then need to think seriously about the food we eat and feed our children. It is essential to include super foods to feed the brain and the body to increase energy, burn fat and live healthy.

Fresh is best and for juice use fruit and vegetable juice extractors, use steamers combining pot style rice cooker and steamer for vegetables to save energy. The microwave oven that has a convection oven and grill combined is an Eco – friendly energy saving device well worth having. Athletes needing to yield fast measurable change in performance need to include Sports Nutrition & Performance Enhancing Supplements.

For delicious, good-for-you , calorie/ kilojoule control family favourite recipes you can never go wrong with Weight Watchers' Simply the Best. Check out the huge range of delicious and varied cultural recipe books by award winning authors. The FOOD & NUTRITION section/page will cover all this important information at your fingertips.

The Right Exercise For You

Find the Right Exercise For You, Resistance & Strength Training, Cardiovascular, Pre & Post Natal, Children & the Right Exercise Equipment.

Exercise is a key component for development from infants through childhood, adolescence, young adults, middle age and seniors. Exercise type for childhood development milestones, pre and post natal exercise, general fitness through to athletes, weight loss, seniors and specific exercise for different type of medical conditions is all varied. Exercise needs to be tailored to age, medical conditions, specific athlete’s goals and needs to include individual modes of delivery.

Modes of delivery can be books, DVDs, group and individual classes and home exercise equipment. Books are good reading for information on exercise; the need for pre warm ups and stretching to warm downs after exercise and the mechanics of exercise for muscle strength and general fitness including the benefits on weight control and Blood Sugar Levels and cardiovascular health. There are excellent DVDs on fitness for beginners to advanced levels as well as fun DVDs incorporating music and dance.

As for beginners and advanced levels of fitness there is equipment like different treadmills to suit different needs; portable, manual, electric, those that will incline and ones that meet particular weight limits as well as suiting the different levels of fitness and fit the different pocket budgets.

Equipment is also available for increasing circulation like small feet vibration machines to full body vibration machines for increasing muscle strength circulation, general fitness, increasing bone density and combating cellulitis.

As with all new embarkations on exercise programs, if you suffer form joint problems, have a heart condition or use a pacemaker you should always seeking medical advice before using a vibration trainer or commencing a heavy exercising program for either fitness or weight loss.

The Exercise section/page will cover different types of exercise for individual needs, different modes of delivery and exercise equipment at your fingertips.

Pain Relief Integrated & Natural

Find the Right Pain Relief for You Using Topical Applications, Essential Oils & Burners Supplements & Equipment

Pain restricts one’s ability to function at their optimum level, both physically and mentally. There are many different types of pain and many types of pain can become chronic; nerve pain, muscular pain, osteoarthritis pain. Different pain affects different parts of the body requiring integrated natural pain relief. Often using a combination of different treatments is more effective in relieving pain than using a single treatment.

Oral supplements, topical applications, oils, inhaled aromatherapy, mechanical and Intra-sound, ultra-sound massagers, heat pads, tens machines, and acupuncture are available treatments.

Chronic pain causes mental and physical tiredness. Natural oral supplements range from probiotics to improve digestion, strengthen immunity and reduce allergic response and are taken for overall health. Antioxidants help fight fatigue, Glucosamine and Chondroitin are connective tissue supplements to help rebuild cartilage in joints to relieve knee, hip, heel, finger, wrist, and shoulder joint pain, caused by Osteoarthritis.

Topical gels, creams, patches all have anti-inflammatory and pain relieving ingredients to reduce/ alleviate pain for a period of time after application.

Aromatherapy with essential oils through a diffuser can emit a lovely fragrance and induce a relaxing good night’s sleep. There are many healing oils based on both science and scripture.

The Pain Relief section/page will cover different types of integrated natural pain relief for individual needs, including pain relief equipment at your fingertips.

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